Writing Workshop


“Writing Workshop” was created for The Laureate Lounge, a participatory space curated by Chris Fishbach of Coffee House Press and independent curator Sarah Schultz at the American Swedish Institute, as part of the exhibit Nobel Creations: Inspired by the Nobel Prize.


Creativity is a must when it comes to winning the Nobel Prize in Literature. The Literature Laureates have spent their lifetimes practicing and fine-tuning their creative process. ASI and Coffee House Press invite you to dive into your own creativity in The Laureate Lounge, an inventive space inspired by the real and imagined habits of Nobel Laureates. Four talented writers in their own right, Rachel Jendrzejewski, Janaki Ranpura, Sun Yung Shin, and Andy Sturdevant, have created dozens of short, thought-provoking, and fun assignments for you to complete. Pick up a pen, take a seat, do one or twenty, the choice is yours, but let your creativity unfold in The Laureate Lounge.


To date, only 13 of the 111 Nobel Prizes in Literature have been awarded to women. “Writing Workshop” focuses on four of them: Swedish author Selma Lagerlöf (awarded in 1909); Latin American poet Gabriela Mistral (1945); U.S. novelist Toni Morrison (1993); and Polish poet Wislawa Szymborska (1996), selected for my own personal draw to their work and curiosity about their paths. Text prompts in the displayed posters invite visitors to explore and embody fragments of each writer’s life, thoughts, habits, and creations as a kind of writing practice, activating Nobel potential in the process.

The Laureate Lounge was open from March 7-May 24, 2015.




All photos by Bruce Silcox


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