Things Are You The All


In Spring 2014, Theo Goodell and I were honored to be invited by Red Eye Theater to make a new performance as part of Red Eye’s NEW WORKS 4 WEEKS: ISOLATED ACTS Festival. We were excited to use the opportunity to develop and premiere Things Are You The All, a multidisciplinary work investigating the weird scary beautiful exhilarating nature of human relationships.

How do we reconcile the cultural story of individuality with the consuming complexities of being families, lovers, friends, neighbors, strangers? Where do you end and I begin? Do our parts add up to a coherent whole? Are we more afraid or more desirous of losing ourselves in others – and where do those fears and desires lead us?

We dug into these questions with an outstanding ensemble of 14 performers, visual artists, musicians, and special guests. What emerged was a broken performance about bodies, boundaries, and the ways we try to connect. In parts installation, cabaret, and play, this project built on investigations of both content and form that we’ve been pursuing from different angles over the past few years, while opening up space for a wide range of converging perspectives from our collaborators and our audience.

Things Are You The All premiered in the final weekend of the 2014 NEW WORKS 4 WEEKS Festival at Red Eye Theater. The creative team featured writer/director Theo Goodell; dramaturge Rachel Jendrzejewski; performers/devisers Edward Euclide, Chris Garza, Hannah Geil-Neufeld, Theo Langason, Ifrah Mansour, Ki Seung Rhee, and Hannah Rivenburgh; music master Matt Larson; designers Scotty Gunderson and Amy Elizabeth Taylor; and consulting artists Noah Bremer and Angharad Davies.

“Somehow we don’t realize what a treasure chest the Twin Cities have become. All these jewels of artists either grow up here, go away to get educated and come back, or as in the case with Rachel and Theo, end up here following stellar emerging careers on the East Coast because of grant-giving institutions (Playwrights Center)–and stay. They settle here, continue to produce amazing, cutting edge pieces, and we sit back and hardly take notice. In order not to say ten years from now, ‘I should have paid attention,’ start paying attention now.”  – l’etoile magazine

We’re forever grateful to our 50+ Hatchfund supporters who made this work possible!










Images by Heidi Bohnenkamp