Meronymy at Pell Chafee Performance Center, 2011


What happens when ancient mnemonic devices collide with hyperspeed technology? What structures and transactions of thinking are innate to being human–and which ones are we rapidly exporting? MERONYMY is a kaleidoscopic portrait of memory in the Information Age.

This piece was originally developed through an experimental collaboration with installation artists Megan and Murray McMillan and sound artist Peter Bussigel. MERONYMY is the text that emerged and continues to be re-imagined for different performative contexts. Megan and Murray’s large-scale installation and subsequent works reflecting on the collaborative process (a single-channel video, site-specific video installation, and series of photographs) have continued life under the title THE REMAINS OF SOMETHING WHOLE. Click here to learn more about their work.

Production, dir. Steve Busa, Red Eye Theater, 2012 (click)
Reading, dir. Kristin Marting, Playwrights’ Horizons, 2011
Production, dir. Megan & Murray McMillan, Pell Chafee Performance Center, Brown University Writing is Live Festival, 2011

“This beautiful piece by Rachel Jendrzejewski explored memory, data overload, and how we think. Through movement, text, audio, and a simple (yet beautiful) set, this performance gripped me and challenged how I arrange my memories and how technology aids in my quest for knowledge. With exceptional performances and a tight all around presentation, Meronymy is certainly a 2012 highlight.” – Bethany Whitehead, Minnesota Public Radio Art Hounds: 2012 Theater and Dance Highlights


Image – Megan and Murray McMillan’s installation for MERONYMY at the Pell Chafee Performance Center (photo by Megan and Murray McMillan)