Early Morning Song

 the cast of Early Morning Song


Early Morning Song is an experimental play exploring issues of mortality, legacy, and climate change. The piece revolves around an obscure woman scientist who is diligently archiving her life, despite her knowledge that our planet may not be habitable by human beings much longer. The central figure is performed by six women; and the script is deliberately spacious, toward leaving ample room for the contributions of each creative team that brings it to life.

This piece was conceived and developed in collaboration with Red Eye Theater (Minneapolis) with support from the National Endowment for the Arts and The Playwrights’ Center. A peek into the development process can be found on the Red Eye Theater blog. Early Morning Song premiered at Red Eye in October 2016.

“Given the subject matter, ‘Early Morning Song’ could devolve into dry discourse but Jendrzejewski’s perspective is poetic. Often the text is chanted and sung, and the wordplay is pleasing to the ear — until it’s not. By the end of the evening the chorus of tree names is overwhelming, spoken too quickly to absorb. But that is the point. The process of extinction is simultaneously slow and a blur. We blink and then all we value is gone.” – Caroline Palmer, The Star Tribune

Image – Cast of Early Morning Song at Red Eye Theater (photo by Theo Goodell)