encyclopedia cover art by Nick HowardSpout Press publication available from SPD Books
(cover art: Nick Howard)


“Phases of the moon mark the passing of time for two inhabitants of a remote, dreamlike farm. Lua and Dal alternately support and dismantle their co–created reality as they navigate the magical swells of their daily routine. Encyclopedia explores the beauty and uncertainty of relational complexity — how we trust, how we grieve, how we teeter on the edge of an uncertain consensus, and how we ultimately have only the thinness of our agreement with each other to construct and navigate reality. In this play that acts like a poem, this poem that acts like a dream, each character makes her case for an elusive actuality which, when its construction is bared, only highlights the uncertainty that awaits them.” – Spout Press

This full-length play was most recently featured in the Ruth Easton New Play Series at The Playwrights’ Center in Minneapolis (dir. Emily Mendelsohn). Previously, it had a workshop production (dir. Shana Gozansky) at the Rhode Island School of Design Fleet Library as part of Brown University’s Writing is Live Festival in Providence, as well as a staged reading (dir. Shishir Kurup) with Padua Playwrights and the Los Angeles Downtown Arts District during Winterfest at Lot 613.

A radio version was produced by The Listening LabOratory for DIALOGUES IN AUDIOBOX, an interactive installation at the Granoff Center for Creative Arts in Providence, during which audience members were invited to contribute to the soundscape of the language by speaking into a microphone.



Images – Lauren Lubow and Lauren Esther Neal in encyclopedia, RISD Fleet Library (photos by Andrew Jendrzejewski)